Sheryl Bjorn | Style your Session


   Before choosing your outfits, you should choose a location!  Knowing the setting you will be in will make it easier to start your color palette.


​   When choosing your outfits for your photo session you want to coordinate NOT MATCH! It can help to have one person wear a great pattern and coordinate the rest of your outfits around it while keeping them more simple. You can do this with neutrals and a POP of color, or a softer color palette with different shades of the same color, or choose complimentary colors for a more Fun approach.


    When working with simple outfits, the right accessories can take your Photos from ‘Nice” to “ Spectacular!” But don’t let your accessories distract from your photos! Especially with babies and small children, who are so full of life and personality already, that they will steal the spotlight naturally. You want the subject of your photos to be YOU not a giant headband. 

Accessories give you a great opportunity to show off your personality as well!  If little brother is a true gentleman, let him sport his bow tie.  If sister is a ROCK STAR, rock that cool hat!  But, keep in mind that your accessories accent the colors of your outfits.

Larger “Accessories” like a Tailored jacket, Hat, or Scarf can also give you different wardrobe looks with out too many clothing changes.  They can also double as PROPS!  Picture little girls running while holding mommy’s scarf as it waves behind them in the wind, Or using your fiancé’s tie to pull him close for a kiss.

Accessories can also be things that don’t belong in the setting! You have all probably seen them floating around social media accounts. A couch in the middle of a field, a Christmas tree on the beach with you, on the Grand scale.  Or on a smaller scale, using a nice chair in the park, to help pose a family of 5.


If you choose to keep your color palette neutral you can use texture to create depth and interest in your photos. Mixing different materials can give a lot of visual interest to your photos.  Things like Knits, Lace, Ruffles, Embroidery, Tweed, while using similar colors, will still look very interesting when mixed.

Or Layer! A ruffled camisole under a tweed tailored coat will look strong and feminine all at the same time. Also, layering things like tights, big socks and boots under a little girls dress can make an outfit more interesting while giving you an opportunity so let her personality shine through.


The easiest was to distract from your photos is to show up beautifully dressed . . . wearing your running shoes!   Your Choice of shoes will make or break your outfit.  Your shoes should be thought of as another accessory.

Don’t misunderstand – sneakers are fine, if they are a fun, funky colored pair of converse and give your outfit it’s finishing touch.  But other than that, Please no Sneakers. 

Smaller Children will, most of the time, look best with NO SHOES.  Kids don’t sit still, so while they are running, jumping, sitting, laying down the last thing we want to see is the dirty bottom of a shoe. That never looks pretty. When picking kids shoes something that is easy to remove is a good idea, if your child doesn’t take them off, I might for them!


When choosing clothes, patterns are ok, as long as it is not distracting. But try to stay away from Trends. Wearing to many Trendy pieces will make your photos look terribly dated in the years to come. (Think back to your elementary school pictures, I bet I could tell you the decade your went to school)

The most important thing to remember is fit! Clothes that fit properly and are flattering to your shape is the easiest way to ensure you will look fantastic in your photos.  Large baggy tops will make you look 2 sizes bigger than you are.  A Long sweater coat will make a short person look even shorter.  Always try to flatter your figure.

Be comfortable! Make sure the clothes you choose are ones that you would wear in your every day life. If you don’t wear dress shirts and ties on a regular basis, don’t wear them for your photos. You don’t want to look like a stranger in your photos.   This is especially important with Children. If they are not comfortable, they will be grouchy for your photo shoot!  Let them have some input in what they wear if they are able, this will also let their personalities shine through. This will ultimately lead to cooperative, smiling, relaxed children. 


  • No Logos, Graphics, Cartoon Characters, or Words on clothing. (exceptions are themed photos. I have the Photos of my son with his Superhero logo shirt under his button up shirt.)
  • Don’t cut or dye your hair right before your photo session. Give yourself at least a week if you get a hair cut so it will look more natural.  When coloring your hair, Don’t make any big changes right before photos!  Not only could it turn out completely different than you thought, but what if you end up not liking it?
  • Don’t have everyone wear the same color. Matching is Boring and, if I may say, old Fashioned.  Mix and match, use a color palette to coordinate, but every person should not have every color in that palette on.
  • No Bright White socks and sneakers. No sunglasses (unless as a prop.)  No watches, jewelry, or other accessories that don’t complement your look.
  • Men, Don’t load up your pockets!  I know you only have so many option for carrying your things, but when you have your keys, cell phone, wallet and sunglasses in your pocket I can tell in your photos. Leave them in the car, or put them in someones handbag (because we don’t mind at all.)