Sheryl Bjorn | 3 Tips for a Stress Free Photo Shoot

3 Tips for a Stress Free Photo Shoot!

I think we can all agree that having our family photos, and our children's photos taken is very important to us. We want to have photos to document and celebrate the milestones, and we all love to present Grandma and Grandpa with Adorable prints of their precious grandbabies. I know some of you are thinking right now, "I would love to, but my kids don't sit still, and how am I going to pull it all together?"   I Am Here To Help!!  It doesn't have to be a headache, and you don't need to worry! Check out these tips that I have been using to create Fun, Stress Free, Photo Shoots for lots of Clients! 


1. Be Yourselves 

The most important thing I want to convey to you is to be comfortable in your own skin. Don't go buy yourself clothes you would never wear again, or that are uncomfortable, especially for children.  If you never wear heels, you shouldn't wear them for your photos. If your husband never wears ties, I am going to say formal clothes are not the way to go for your photo shoot. Not only will this make your smiles and emotions looked forced, but when you get your photos back, you may not recognize yourself!  

The same applies when picking a location!  Where are you and your family most comfortable? Is it the beach, the park, hiking, or fishing?  These activities that you love to have fun doing together make for the BEST photo opportunities! You will feel more relaxed and enjoy each other!  

When it comes to little ones, I feel this is most important! Let them be true to who they are! If your little guy NEVER wears shoes, we are talking he flat out refuses to keep them on, that's FINE! We will go with no shoes. (Heck, I prefer baby and toddler toes anyway!)  And I can't stress this enough. I NEVER want you to arrive feeling rushed and harried. I understand that getting yourself and small children ready can be an enormous task! Take a deep breath and just shoot me a text, Problem Solved!  

2. Communication   

Is there a specific reason, or fear that is holding you back? Maybe you have a special concern that makes you pause. Let's talk it out and make a plan! If you have an extra shy child or a child with special needs that doesn't interact well with new people, we can come up with a location that encourages them to play, so you still get those great smiles. And, I can make sure to stock my camera bag with different equipment so I can keep a little more space between us to make the child comfortable. I love working with children, and I have an education in Early Childhood Development, so there isn't much I can't overcome to get the adorable smiles you are looking for. 

3. Choose The Right Photographer 

This is so important because you need to feel comfortable around the person who is photographing you! If you are comfortable and relaxed at your Session your smiles and interactions will be more genuine and will produce Stunning photos.  Take a look at their portfolio, do you like their style, do they have experience photographing families and children? Your photographer will be giving you instructions and directions during your session to help you pose and interact with each other. So the right photographer will be someone you are comfortable taking directions from while still laughing and enjoying yourself. 


If this would help you, I would love to talk to you more about creating the perfect Photoshoot for your family! 

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